Easy to buy, easy to make?!

Who has time to make a huge, healthy meal every single night? Not me! We are busy people with busy schedules, and being gluten-free shouldn’t have to slow us down. One of my favorite healthy options is HEB’s Tortilla soup. This delicious concoction comes with not one but three options: microwave, cook, or casserole.

You can buy an already made container of HEBs already made soup at any location. One of my favorite soups, I often bring it to school or work with me to heat up and eat there. It is great for life on the go. However, know that you will have to keep this soup  cold until you are ready to eat, or it will go bad.

Cook or Casserole:
Want a healthier option? Want to make a soup that doesn’t take hours to cook? Don’t have time to find or collect all of those ingredients? This is your golden egg. I’m not exaggerating! This soup is sooo easy to make. Only taking 15 minutes to prep, ingredients come already prepared so you only have to follow the very basic instructions on the back of the container to make a soup or casserole. You can even get creative. When I have a bit more time on my hands, I like to try adding new ingredients, and will always add a bit of extra fajita chicken.
Hope you have an amazing week! Au Revoir!


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