Best Bread Brands

One of the hardest parts about going gluten free, for me, was realizing that I couldn’t eat normal bread. I was told I’d have to stop eating sandwiches, and abandon my love of avocado toast. (I know, anything but the avocado toast!) But, thankfully, while shopping, I learned that this atrocity was a lie. There were many, many brands of gluten free breads, but which ones were good? Throughout the past few months, I have tried tons of different bread brands – the good, the bad, and the disgusting. Here are my two favorite bread brands that are tied for first place!
1. Udi’s
Udi’s by far is one of the best gluten free brands out there. It’s breads are the most popular, and if you haven’t tried them this is one band wagon you need to jump on immediately. Udi’s breads, though slices are smaller in size, are amazing and avoid being too dense. My personal favorite is the white bread, but they sell a variety including whole grain and millet-chia breads.
Overall, I give Udi’s breads 4 stars!
2. Canyon Bakehouse
Canyon is my preferred bread choice. Although I love Udi’s, I find Canyon to taste more similar to regular bread. Canyon has TONS of  options, even varying slice sizes, so it is easy to find one to enjoy. Once again, this brand avoids creating breads that are too dense- a tragedy many gluten free bread brands fall victim to. If you, like me, love Canyon breads then I recommend you try their Rosemary & Thyme Focaccia.
Overall I give Canyon 4.5 stars!
Hope this helps! These two brands are both really good and my favorites. Udi’s is definitely easier for people to buy, as it is the more popular of the two options, but Canyon Bakehouse Breads are also delicious and are sold at most Sprouts. Have fun getting your grilled cheese  game back on, au revoir!

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